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Landrover conversion

Complete rebuild

With a complete rebuild, you get a custom-built vehicle in the truest sense of the word.

You decide about even the smallest details and get to choose from our extensive inventory of custom-made parts or we design and manufacture bespoke parts specifically for your dream vehicle.

landrover complete rebuild

The complete rebuild process starts by sourcing a suitable Defender according to your preferences. We search anywhere in Europe to make sure the vehicle is not structurally damaged by rust, avoiding a common problem with Land Rover Defenders.

landrover rebuild

After shipping the vehicle to one of our workshops – either the Netherland or the USA – we dismantle it to the last nut and bolt and strip it to bare metal. The chassis receives thorough rust protection to prevent problems in the future and the body is checked meticulously for aluminium corrosion, so affected panels can be changed for new ones. The old suspension is completely replaced with an adjustable air suspension system and Koni shock absorbers, developed specifically for Tophat. The brakes we use are also custom built and provided by our partner AP Racing. Up to this point, all Tophat vehicles are technically more or less identical as this specific method provides a better than new starting point with the proper hardware to make any power upgrade as safe and enjoyable as possible.

From this point on however, we complete the project according to your wishes, so we can deliver an absolute dream Defender. Whether it is a self-sufficient overland truck with a smooth 6.2-liter (LT1 Gen V) naturally aspirated V8 delivering 450 horsepower, or a rear-wheel drive Sport Utility Dragster powered by a 700 horsepower supercharged V8 (LT1 Gen V), we have what it takes to build the most exclusive, most versatile and most powerful Defenders money can buy.

Landrover complete rebuild


When choosing a conversion, it is like becoming the conductor of our orchestra.

You decide which of our skilled team members utilize their ingenuity and competence to customize specific parts of your Land Rover and turn it into the ultimate made-to-order vehicle.

landrover rebuild engine

One of the first steps of the conversion process is choosing the right Defender. Based on certain criteria, this can be a vehicle you already own or one that we source for you anywhere in Europe. The deciding factor here is a solid structure unaffected by rust, as this is a known problem with Land Rover Defenders.

Every Tophat Defender comes standard with a high-performance engine upgrade and either a Tremec 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed automatic. The engine upgrades range from a naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V8 (LT1 Gen V) with 450 horsepower to a supercharged V8 (LT4 Gen V) with close to 700 horsepower. These engine upgrades also include a complete modification of the drivetrain as well as an air suspension system with custom made parts like Koni shock absorbers and AP Racing brakes.

We then start the conversion process based on your personal wish list, you can choose a hand stitched leather interior for instance, add a uniquely designed dashboard, decide on a custom paint job or go for the ultimate overland vehicle. Our skilled craftsmen and engineers have the expertise and experience to fulfill all your wishes.

One of the advantages of a conversion is that you get to decide which parts of the vehicle are modified and which areas remain stock. Just pick and choose from our vast catalogue of modifications and custom options and let us know how you envision your dream Defender, so we can convert this dream to reality.

landrover front rebuild