Our unique approach



Our development approach is as diverse as the vehicles we build. We find inspiration in many different elements, varying from the most basic objects in nature to tried and true technologies, even from non-automotive industries.

The bottom-line is that we only incorporate features of the highest quality, so we can guarantee levels of finesse and durability surpassing those of exotic vehicles from high-end manufacturers.

When we sit down with a customer to discuss their wishes and explore the possibilities for the first time, we start by explaining that in theory everything is possible at Tophat. We accept every challenge to build something that has never been built before, so we very rarely have to alter a customer’s request. The reason we can accommodate almost every desire, is the fact that we develop, test, manufacture and build everything in house and by hand or we cooperate with partners who are at the top of their respective playing fields to fulfill the client’s wishes. This level of customization attributes to the unique character of our vehicles and frees us from limitations associated with large scale manufacturing.

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In a world that moves with the speed of light and where technology is measured in Gigabits and Terabytes, good old-fashioned handwork and craftsmanship are becoming increasingly rare. At Tophat, we embrace innovation while honouring tradition and celebrating high quality craftsmanship.

Some things simply should not be left to machines, as only skilled artisans can add that little bit of love and care, which adds an extra layer of quality and character that machines and computers simply can’t achieve.

After discussing, planning and finalizing all the details with the customer, there are hardly any surprises for our technical team, as we include them in the early stages of the development process to make sure every idea is technically possible and achievable. That way the customer not only has a clear idea of the end result, but also receives a great deal of advice and support regarding the various possibilities and the best materials.

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Our team consists of experienced technicians with their own unique skill sets, so we can cover everything from dismantling, to rebuilding, from designing to producing and from engine tuning to woodworking. Bringing together all these ingenuities was a difficult and lengthy task, but it ultimately resulted in where we are now. Tophat is formed by a team that is capable of taking a classic Land Rover and turning it into a hand-built dream vehicle with the highest levels of craftmanship, quality, performance and individuality.

Landrover unique approach