What we build

We take care for your vehicle

Take a look at all the options our standard models have to offer. Our base vehicles are more complete than Land Rover originally built them!

We believe that there is only one way of restoring a vehicle and that is all the way, otherwise it’s just refurbishing. The entire vehicle will be taken down to the last nut and bolt and built up with new or rebuilt parts. The complete driveline (engine, gearbox, transferbox, drive shafts, axles, differentials, wheel hubs, brakes, steering box, etc.) will be rebuilt or renewed and all nuts, bolts, bearings, seals, etc. will be renewed. We replace the shocks with new, more durable and improved KONI Heavy tracks or the optional KONI Heavy Track Raids for intensive usage. All standard fuel lines and brake lines will be replaced with custom fabricated stainless steel lines. Bodywork will be renewed where necessary, as we don’t like to use filler on our vehicles and we know that aluminum corrosion always comes back quickly. Every body panel is painted separately (we don’t paint body parts when they are still attached to the car as many people do), the interior is hand tailored to your wishes (fabric, color, stitch work, etc.). We sandblast the entire chassis and paint it with a heavy duty industrial SD paint and use re-sprayable stone chip protection for anti rust treatment. We practically build you a brand new Defender which meets your exact needs and wishes.


$75.000 $85.000

Hard top, soft top, stationwagon, or pick up.
Exterior, nonmetallic paint. Any color you like.

Stereo with CD, MP3, AUX, Tuner, etc. with 2 front speakers.

Any 16” steel or aluminum wheels with 235 or 265 wide tires.


200TDi Diesel
3.5 V8 Gas
The interior is reupholstered in any color you like and many different stitch patterns are possible