The process starts with sourcing the right vehicle. Our Land Rover specialists source Defenders throughout Europe and during that process, not only originality is a key factor but also rust. Better yet, the lack of rust! Rust is a well-known problem with these
vehicles and it can really tear down the structure of the vehicle if not treated right.

We believe that there is only one way of restoring a vehicle and that is all the way, otherwise it’s just refurbishing. The entire
vehicle will be taken down to the last nut and bolt and built up with new or rebuilt parts. We fully rebuild the engines and
complete drive line including gearbox, transfer box, drive shafts, axles, differentials, all the way to the wheel hubs, brakes, wheels
and tires. There is your choice of engines, ranging from 2.5TD or 200TDi to 3.5, 3.9 V8 Gas engines. Even GM 6.2 LS3 V8´s are
possible for true performance and that great American V8 sound.

After the order is confirmed, we take one of the vehicles from inventory and the general restoration process is as follows:


  • Vehicle will be fully carefully dismantled, until the last nut and bolt
  • All the steel parts are sand blasted to bare metal
  • The chassis is repaired where needed
  • All body parts are checked for corrosion and renewed when necessary
  • The chassis is coated in a heavy duty industrial SD coating
  • All body panels are painted separately to ensure the best quality and minimize chances of corrosion in the future
  • The complete drive line will be renewed
  • A new engine and transmission is installed
  • All ancillaries are renewed and all the aluminum parts are shot blasted to remove corrosion and make it look like new.
  • New axles, differentials, wheel hubs, brakes, steering box, etc.
  • Improved KONI suspension is installed
  • The wiring loom is modified with new and improved connectors
  • The brake and fuel lines are replaced by hand made stainless steel ones
  • The body is assembled with new rubbers and weather strips
  • The doors are built up with new glass, rubbers and channels
  • Electrical components are fitted
  • “Noise killer” acoustic and thermal insulation material is installed
  • The interior is re upholstered in the material of choice and with any stitch pattern desired
  • New roof liner, carpets, door cards, window trim, etc. are installed
  • The dashboard is re upholstered
  • The last additions such as stereo, wheels, exterior amenities, etc are installed
  • When finished, the vehicle will be tested thoroughly and treated with a “Nano coating” by our detailer, to ensure paint protection for years to come!


The restoration process in pictures