About us

SONY DSCTophat consists of a highly qualified team at that has over 15 years of experience in building bespoke Land Rovers and we have lost count over the amount of Defenders we have imported into the US so far. We know everything there is to know on building and importing 25 year old U.S. legal Land Rovers. Everybody in our team has its own specialty that ranges from dismantling the vehicle up to rebuilding complete engines, paint, handmade interiors, assembly, we even have our own detailer which makes sure every vehicle that leaves the workshop has a fresh nanotech coating. In the meantime, we have our qualified engineers developing custom parts and accessories that have never been installed on a Defender before!Our team sources the best vehicles out there where originality Is key. Due to years of experience, we know exactly what to look for and we make sure the vehicles we buy are 100% original and complete.

What we doTophat_Pooltable
We at Tophat Classics aim on building the highest possible quality Land Rover Defenders out there whilst maintaining absolute transparency and according to our clients, we do! Quality is key when restoring a 25 year old Defender and according to us, it doesn’t matter if you want a bone stock 90 or a full options 110 or 130 double cab. When your Defender leaves our shop, it’s better than when it left the factory 25 years ago. Transparency is another key characteristic of Tophat as we supply every client with a time lapse video of the build, a full photo report, regular updates on the process and everybody is invited to come over and take a look at the process at any time.

Because of our workshops both in Europe and in the US, we have access to all the vehicles and parts out there whilst saving you from all the headaches of importing one on your own. All the Tophat Defenders are built in Europe with all original parts and sold from our Scottsdale AZ office with a clean AZ title.If you would like to take a look at what we build, we always have vehicles at our Scottsdale location to show our level of craftsmanship.

Why we are unique
What gives Tophat its unique character is not only the quality of our builds, which is the highest around, or the absolute transparency towards our clients but also the endless possibilities that we offer. Nothing is impossible when building a Tophat Defender, in fact, we think it’s a challenge to build things that have never been built before. The fact that everything in a Tophat vehicle is handmade contributes to the unique character of our vehicles and gives our clients the possibility to order anything that he/she could dream of. Our clients always receive a time lapse video as well as a photo report of the entire project and everybody is welcome to come and visit us at any time during the process.

Our company structure with locations in The Netherlands as well as in The U.S. gives us maximum flexibility in sourcing vehicles and parts, whilst being able to assure our clients a hassle free and guaranteed import. All our vehicles are delivered at our Scottsdale AZ location with clean and clear AZ titles and emissions certificates in hand. All legal and financial transactions are with our official U.S. based company.